2nd Amendment

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and believe it is the right of law-abiding citizens to own guns.


My wife Suzanne was raised on a farm and I come from a family with a strong agricultural heritage. I recognize agriculture as the foundation of Nebraska's economy and as one of District #24's economic drivers. If elected, I intend to work on lowering property taxes, encouraging livestock production, eliminating regulatory burdens, and creating opportunities for young people interested in pursuing agriculture careers.

Commitment to Service

When I was a sophomore in high school I was appointed as an at-large youth member to the Nebraska Committee for Children and Youth. Ever since that time, I have found myself active in community and state activities, organizations, and efforts, often taking a leadership role. Whether it was serving as a boy-scout leader, a church leader, or business leader, I have always tried to approach my role from a perspective of service to others. I pledge that if elected to the State Legislature, I would make serving my constituents my top priority. I pledge to be accessible, responsive, and to listen to your perspectives and concerns.

Economic Development

I believe economic development is key to the future of our state. If we expect to retain young people or bring them back to the state, we need to have quality jobs for them. In order to recruit businesses that would provide those good quality jobs, we need to have an environment of cooperation between state and local government agencies. I support the Nebraska Advantage program, which I believe is a good tool that can be used to recruit and retain businesses. While being a part of numerous local economic development efforts, I have seen first-hand how working collaboratively with state government and local government, as well as through public/private partnerships, a difference can be made in a community. If elected, I would encourage these partnerships and would work at the state level to foster an environment of economic growth.


Education is a high priority for me. With my service on the Seward School Board, my involvement in St. John's Lutheran School, my service on Concordia University's board of regents, and as a graduate of Southeast Community College and Peru State College, I believe I bring a unique perspective to educational issues. My priority in education is to encourage collaborative efforts between all educational systems in Nebraska, focused on students, with outcomes geared towards higher education and career opportunities.

Family Life & Culture

I am solidly pro-life. I believe that life begins at conception and I will work to protect unborn children. I am also a strong supporter of adoption and believe we should support women facing unplanned pregnancies. I believe in strong families and that by supporting a strong family structure, we can alleviate many of the problems facing our society today.

Obamacare & Medicaid Expansion

Since the inception of Obamacare I have actively fought against it, being a leader within my professional organizations advocating the position of how this government program would greatly damage private industry and increase taxes on all citizens. While I believe in helping the most vulnerable of our society, I do not believe a national healthcare system is the way to do this. Similarly, I do not support expanding medicaid or other social welfare programs. While there are things the government could do to reform our healthcare system and reign in costs, I do not believe Obamacare is the answer, and if elected would actively oppose any efforts to expand the programs associated with this law.


As chairman of the Retirement Committee in the Nebraska Legislature, I have sponsored and advocated for legislation that supports our retirees and responsibly manages their retirement funds. Overseeing five different retirement plans, under my leadership, Nebraska’s retirement plans have grown and prospered, and I look forward to working with my committee to make sure they remain stable moving forward.

Taxes & Fiscal Responsibility

The tax burden we have in Nebraska is too high. We need to find a way to balance services that are necessary while relieving our citizens of a heavy tax burden that prohibits growth. I believe that as your Senator I would work to bring interested parties together to find cost-saving solutions at all levels of state government. The State of Nebraska has many obligations, and while those need to be funded, I am a strong proponent of lessening the size of government.

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