District #24 is made up of three counties - Polk, Seward, and York. The following communities are within the District #24 boundaries:

  • Polk County: Osceola*, Polk, Shelby, and Stromsburg
  • Seward County: Beaver Crossing, Bee, Cordova, Garland, Goehner, Milford, Pleasant Dale, Seward*, Staplehurst, and Tamora
  • York County: Benedict, Bradshaw, Gresham, Henderson, Lushton, McCool Junction, Waco, and York*
* Indicates County Seat

District #24 Map

District 24
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County Populations

  • Polk County Population: 5,320
  • Seward County Population: 16,935
  • York County Population: 13,747
  • Total Population for District #24: 36,002
  • Source U.S. Census Bureau: State and County QuickFacts

Land Area in Square Miles

  • Polk County: 438.35
  • Seward County: 571.43
  • York County: 572.1
  • Total Land Area in Square Miles for District #24: 1,581.88
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York County
Polk County
Seward County
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